Let’s talk about the components of the Mineral Fiber Suspended Ceiling

A mineral fiber suspended ceiling, often referred to as a drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, consists of several components that work together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing ceiling system. These components typically include:

Mineral fiber suspended ceilings are popular in commercial and institutional settings because they offer versatility, ease of installation, and the ability to conceal utilities while improving acoustic properties. The specific materials and components used in a suspended ceiling system can vary based on the manufacturer, design requirements, and the intended function of the space.

Typically, when discussing ceiling suspension systems, people often refer to T-bar or T-grid systems. These are commonly used in drop ceilings, also known as suspended ceilings. These systems consist of a grid of metal T-shaped bars that are suspended from the structural ceiling. The grid creates a framework for supporting ceiling tiles or panels. The T-bar or T-grid system is modular, allowing for easy installation and removal of individual ceiling tiles.

The main components of a T-bar ceiling system include:

  1. Main Runners: Also known as Main T or Main beam. These are the primary T-shaped bars that run perpendicular to the joists or structural ceiling.
  2. Cross Tees: These shorter T-shaped bars fit into the main runners, creating a grid that supports the ceiling tiles.
  3. Wall Moldings: Used to secure the perimeter of the ceiling.
  4. Hangers and Wires: These are used to suspend the T-bars from the structural ceiling.
  5. Ceiling Tiles: Panels that fit into the openings created by the grid.

The advantages of T-bar ceiling systems include ease of installation, accessibility to the space above the ceiling for maintenance or repairs, and the ability to integrate various lighting and HVAC components.

At BennerUSA we have a variety of suspension systems that fit the design of the type of ceiling you are looking for. Our Benner Suspension System is a comprehensive solution for securely holding up ceiling tiles. The system is Fire-Rated (FR) exposed tee configuration, designed to fulfill the high standards of diverse architectural projects. This robust system is compatible with a variety of ceiling tiles, particularly our Benner Aluminum Ceiling Tiles and Benner Mineral Fiber Ceilings. Its versatile design ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance when used in conjunction with these high-quality tiles, enhancing both their function and aesthetic.

Constructed with general-purpose to be utilized in both standard commercial environments and spaces requiring superior fire resistance. The components are forged from a sturdy galvanized steel cap, ensuring uncompromising and reliable performance under all circumstances. They are made with up to 70% of its content being recyclable, this plays a substantial role in waste reduction, as well as contributing to LEED credits and promoting a greener planet.

The system’s body is crafted from hot-dipped galvanized steel, delivering extraordinary resilience and longevity. It meets and exceeds all international code requirements, including seismic protocols, reflecting its capacity to withstand various challenges and conditions.

The Benner Suspension System’s adaptability extends to its application as well. It’s suited for a vast array of building types, from commercial and residential to industrial and institutional structures. Whether you’re constructing a cozy home, a bustling shopping center, or a state-of-the-art factory, you can rely on our system to provide optimal support for your ceiling tiles.

In BennerUSA we have 3 types of suspension system:

In the case of our Main T and Cross Tee, they are manufactured as a single piece. The joining or fixing tabs are not added, they are forged from the beginning. This characteristic and its 1-1/2” (38 mm) inches of height give to our BennerUSA Suspension System that superior heavy-duty factor on the market.