Let’s talk about Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile Edges

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles come with various edge details to suit different installation and design requirements. The choice of edge detail can affect the appearance of the ceiling and the ease of installation. Here are some common edge details you can find for mineral fiber ceilings:

  1. Square Edge (SE): Square edge tiles have straight, sharp corners and are designed to fit flush with the grid. These tiles create a clean and seamless appearance when installed, making them suitable for spaces where a flat, unbroken surface is desired.
  2. Tegular Edge (TE): Tegular edge tiles have a downward-recessed edge, creating a small reveal or step down from the grid. This edge detail adds depth and dimension to the ceiling, and it can help to reduce the visibility of the grid, resulting in a more textured and aesthetically pleasing look.
  3. Beveled Tegular Edge (BTE): Beveled tegular edge tiles are like tegular edge tiles, but they have a beveled edge that adds an additional design element. The bevel creates a sloped edge rather than a flat step-down, enhancing the visual appeal.
  4. Reveal Edge (RE): Reveal edge tiles have a stepped-down edge that is more pronounced than the tegular edge, providing a bolder reveal and a greater sense of dimension in the ceiling. This type of edge detail is often used in spaces where a more prominent design element is desired.
  5. Shadowline Edge: Shadowline edges are designed to create a distinctive shadow effect when installed. These edges typically have a narrow reveal or step-down and can enhance the overall aesthetics of the ceiling.
  6. Microlook Edge: Microlook edges have a fine, narrow reveal between the tiles and the grid, creating a minimalistic and sleek appearance. This edge detail is often used in contemporary and modern design settings.
  7. Other Custom Edges: Some manufacturers offer custom edge details for mineral fiber ceiling tiles, allowing architects and designers to specify unique profiles to achieve specific design goals.

The choice of edge detail depends on the desired visual effect, the architectural style of the space, and the installation method. It’s important to consider these factors when selecting mineral fiber ceiling tiles to ensure they meet the design and functional requirements of the project.

At BennerUSA our mineral fiber ceilings come adapted for our 3 types of suspension systems. Therefore, we can offer square edges, beveled tegular edges and recessed edges for 9/16″ systems, always leaving the door open for customizations.


  • Commercial buildings (stores, hotels, shopping centers, airports, etc.)
  • Health buildings (hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, etc.)
  • Food buildings (kitchens, bars, restaurants, food court, etc.)
  • Government buildings (civilian agencies, military agencies, etc.)
  • Buildings (offices, schools, churches, residences, halls, theaters, cinemas, etc.)